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Massive. A lot of topics covered. Tons of references. Weird-shit probabilistic notation.

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PAC framework. VC theory. Mehryar Mohri – Foundations of Machine Learning - Book

Dive into Deep Learning. Online book.

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High-Dimensional Data Analysis with Low-Dimensional Models | Higher Education from Cambridge

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Mathematical Foundations of Infinite-Dimensional Statistical Models

Juicy math. Non-parametric statistics.

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[2106.10165] The Principles of Deep Learning Theory

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~500 pages. Math notation. No proofs? Emphasis on connection of classical statistics and how methods and math evolved over time. GLMs. Poisson regression. Jackknife and Bootstrap.

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~400 pages. Nice math notation.

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Inline python code. Good math notation. Some proofs. Many exercises. ~500 pages.

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~414 pages. Math notation ok. No proofs. EM algorithm. Gaussian processes. Gibbs sampling. Mixture models.

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Patterns, Predictions, and Actions | Princeton University Press

Available for download:

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Inline python code.

Edge Learning for Distributed Big Data Analytics.

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A lot of blabla.

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Connections to DL and RL.

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Deep Learning For Distributed Big Data Analytics.

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Math tool shallow.

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Many topics covered, but shallow, and not very mathematical.